Writing for life

Andrzej Krauze Elmore Leonard: Using adverbs is a mortal sin 1 Never open a book with weather.

Writing for life

These are mostly unedited not meant for publication. The title reflects the writing prompt. Do you want to join in? You can buy the book and share your samples. Or just create your own prompts to share. I have always wanted one.

It is zero fucking degrees outside and my pool is warm and so steamy. Above my skylight reveals stars that appear bigger than my fists.

Writing for Life — Practice the Craft; Discover the Art.

I am chilling on my back letting the water hold me, my arms resting on floaties. Her blood fed me, my first vampiric relationship. I never outgrew the desire for women, listening to the sound of life rushing through them. Especially in the heat of passion, their hearts, lovely and full, beating hard and fast.

I want to reach in and devour them, feeling the hot iron taste of arterial blood running down my face. The scent of them. The roundness of some and the angles of others. I love their minds and the flash of emotion behind their eyes. The best is a woman across from in the boardroom.

This is no chess game where you can see the moves played out. Women have learned to keep their moves to themselves. More than once I have left the boardroom realizing I have been completely outmaneuvered.

Man, I love it. I got screwed up my big manly ass and I am smiling like it is my goddamn birthday. But its still a mans world and that woman has had to cut some friends and grab the balls of a smarmy guy to get into that room.

I just had to show up in my suit, or play golf, may down shots and beer and doors swing open. Hauling boxes from trucks to stockrooms climbing my way up to manager.

I read everything I could about business, looking for an opening. I landed a gig driving for execs from Wall Street firms. I was the go-to guy- women, drugs, gifts for wives and girlfriends.

All the time I was listening. If they mentioned a stock I would follow it, learning what I could until I felt I could start investing on my own. And if the time was right I started asking questions.

Here are 365 Creative Writing Prompts to Inspire:

Proving I had half a brain, I moved from the car to the office and finally, I was the one in the back seat. I was curious and I wanted a damn indoor pool that was heated in the winter and cool in the summer.

I am a pale Irish guy and hated the sun. I would burn, peel and freckle. I hated the unrelenting heat and preferred drinks under the canopy watching the women in their bikinis.

Writing for life

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This series is from Chris Brogan’s book – Find Your Writing Voice. These are mostly unedited not meant for publication. The title reflects the writing prompt.

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Writing for life
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