Unit 1 assignment 1 home computer

P1 M1 D1 Gaming platforms and Games Gaming platforms have been around for many years and has provided people with plenty of entertainment, when the first gaming platform came out it was the start of something new. We are now up to the 8th generation of computer platforms. Gaming platforms can vary from mobile games to computer and console games. Below is a timeline of key events which led up to gaming and events that have happened.

Unit 1 assignment 1 home computer

For each game there is a purpose and a genre in which it will fall into for example adventure and sport, this genre is decided by a games visual style which allows the player to made a decision in which genre it will fall Unit 1 assignment 1 home computer.

For example games can now be played in 3D rather than plain 2D. Visual style However a games visual style is made up of various components such as; The world the game is based in Terrain, architecture and objects - Within all games, the world it is in can be realistic so the player has a better connection and interaction or more imaginary for those who like to have a more unreal experience.

Characters Playing and non playing - The visual style of characters can vary depending on the game you are playing. Some are able to be customised and can also be in 3D so the player can see them at every angle. Whilst others look the same and cannot be changed. In some games characters are able to interact with one another especially when playing games which involve going online, this means you may be able to communicate with friends.

In midnight club you are not able to change your character however you can communicate with the computer simulated non-playing characters.

Feedback interface-When playing most games the player will be able to gain some visual feedback this will show them ways they can improve and top tips on how to do this. Feedback allows the player to stay interested in the game as they will be shown what the best way to improve their performance and levels would be.

This can be seen in the image besides this photo from the game Temple run which gives the player suggestions on what the best move will be. Perspectives- When games where first made they where simple and formulated in 2D, however as technology has developed so has the gaming world.

Players are now able to scroll through the game and take in different sights. This comes into use in games such as Call of Duty in order for the player to shoot their opponents and not get killed. You also have the ability to see the game as an Ariel perspective. For example in Tomb raider the game, you are shown the story on which the the game is based on this.

This helps the player to get and incite into what they will have to accomplish. Game settings Within all games there are settings which enable it to be unique and attract a selected audience, for example Call of duty has certain settings such as being based within war sites in order to entice people who would like a more realistic experience.

Some of these settings include; Physical and temporal settings- Physical is the where the story is taking place in the game for example on a race track and Temporal is when the game is happening E.

The year the race is happening in. Environmental-This setting is where the game the based in so the environment you are surrounded by when playing for example in the game Temple run you are surrounded by forests to make the player feel as if they are actually experiencing this therefore creating a more real and enjoyable game.

Unit 1 assignment 1 home computer

Ethics plays a key part when people design games as games such as Grand theft auto where players are encouraged to steal cars and kill people horrifically.

This causes problems as critics believes it encourages a violent generation. All of these are what attracts consumers to the game in the first place, it allows them to feel good about themselves that they have overcome problems resulting in rewards.

Addiction- Some games have the ability of exceding expectations and becoming so good a person can find themself addicted to it. These addictions can also cause people to have to go to counselling or to try and stop themselves from playing.

Rules- Rules define how a game can be played and sets out boundaries to the player allowing them to know what is right and wrong within that specific game. Rules and regulations taken from the game FIFA.

Mechanics Inventory, scoring, Win condition - A games mechanics determines many things and allow the player to know a variety of things for example; Inventory will allow the player to see the items they have collected on their journey and how this can be useful to them for the rest of the game; Scoring shows the player how well they are doing and is espcially useful when in competition mode and Win condition will use formulas to work out who has one once the game is over.

Game structure-Every game has a structure which will define how it works whilst being played. This structure can be seen in the flow diagram below; Posted by.Unit 7 Research Skills Assignment. Purpose of this assignment.

The purpose of this assignment is to equip learners with the knowledge and research skills needed to select a research question, and design a research proposal for a chosen topic of interest. In the preceding program, because the period of the loan was called NYEARS (and not simply YEARS) it automatically became an integer, while all the other variables were of real type..

DO Loops. Although the annual repayments on a home loan are usually fixed, the outstanding balance does not decline linearly with time. kap IT Unit 1 Assignment Windows 8 Operating ph-vs.com (Preview File Here) f there is a clear understanding of how the operating system functions.

Unit 1 assignment 1 home computer

A computer user would increase their productivity and decrease frustrations if they take the time to understand the system they are using and learn to utilize the functions to benefit them.

computer systems. Unit introduction need for integration with other systems eg home entertainment; processing power, storage capacity, accessibility for disabled users, the ICT competence of the intended Assignment 1 – Decoding the Jargon Installing and testing hardware.

Unit 5 Child and Adolescent assignment Order Description This Assignment assesses the following course outcomes: HN Design ethical interventions to serve children and adolescents.

GEL Demonstrate college-level communication through the composition of original materials in Standard American English. NT Unit 1 Assignment 1: Home Computer Analysis My computer can use the anytime update to upgrade windows 7 to a better version, and would not need a clean install of the OS.

Also the computer is capable of running 64 bit operating systems.

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