Unilever corporate social responsibility ethics

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Unilever corporate social responsibility ethics

Amazon maintains a corporate social responsibility CSR strategy that prioritizes the e-commerce interests of customers as stakeholders. The company affects its stakeholders, and vice versa. In the case of Amazon, stakeholders have widely varying interests, considering the global reach of the organization.

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While its CSR programs and policies evolve, Amazon. In general, the e-commerce organization experiences pressure from a variety of stakeholders and their interests. Customers most important Employees Communities Customers.

The company considers customers as the primary determinant of its e-commerce business success, especially because these stakeholders significantly affect revenues.

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The interests of these stakeholders are fair pricing, convenience of service, and online security in transacting with the company. Amazon satisfies all of these interests through emphasis on service and technology.

For example, the company uses advanced information and communication technologies for secure transactions and for efficient purchase and delivery processes. Amazon employees are also trained to maximize the benefits of these technologies and to ensure customer convenience.

This stakeholder group is interested in competitive compensation and career development.

Unilever corporate social responsibility ethics

For example, the company provides high compensation, especially for IT personnel directly involved in developing and maintaining the technology assets of the e-commerce business.

Amazon maintains a corporate social responsibility program for communities. The interests of communities include development support, such as through education, healthcare and environmental conservation.

The company addresses these interests mainly through its primary community support arm, Amazon Smile. The company considers these interests as significant influences on the e-commerce business.

It is appropriate for the company to prioritize customers as the primary stakeholder group, considering the online retail nature of the business. The inclusion of employees and communities is one of the strengths of the strategy.

Unilever corporate social responsibility ethics

However, the interests of governments and investors as stakeholders are not clearly included in the strategy. The company must also address governmental interests regarding consumer protection and international retail. How stakeholders view stakeholders as CSR motivators.

The role of strategic conversations with stakeholders in the formation of corporate social responsibility strategy. How can corporate social responsibility activities create value for stakeholders? Strategic corporate social responsibility: Stakeholders in a global environment.

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