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This whole article is about how

Digital This whole article is about how By the summer ofAmericans were dying at a rate of more than 1, per month in the bloodiest year of the Vietnam war The war came home to the streets of an American city, as a young generation opposed to the conflict were met with brutal force from police in Chicago Young Americans were radicalised by shocking television footage of police battering demonstrators But a terrified older generation sided with police and turned to law and order strongman Richard Nixon, sowing divisions that still play out today The whole world is watching How the Chicago 'police riot' shocked America and divided the nation David Taylor and Sam Morris Where the national guard once stood in formation with bayonets fixed, a line of stands for rental bikes now stretches away along South Michigan Avenue.

Across the street, the facade of the Hilton Chicago looms, four towers of brick rising above war-like stone carvings of figures carrying shields and axes. There are few clues, but 50 years ago, this spot was a crucible of violence, which exposed fault lines in a divided and traumatised nation.

A tumultuous season of assassinations, riots and war, was the year that changed America, in ways that still unfold today. And part of that momentous drama played out on summer nights in Chicago when blood ran in the streets and police orchestrated a riot as anti-war protesters tried to march upon the Democratic national convention calling for an end to the Vietnam war.

After four days and nights of violence, people had been arrested, demonstrators were treated at temporary medical facilities, were treated on the spot, given first aid for tear gas exposure and went to hospital.

A total of police officers were injured. Images of police firing teargas and beating demonstrators with their nightsticks played on network television news. It looked like an oppressive fascist state and offered a view of a nation apparently tearing itself apart.

Charles Kaiser, the author of in America, said: Some of those fault lines, and that language, still echo 50 years later.

Bobby Kennedy, who carried the anti-war hopes of young Democratic voters had been shot dead in June, hours after winning the California Democratic primary. Anti-war protests were geared toward trying to get behind an anti-war candidate like Eugene McCarthy or George McGovern, who would defeat vice-president Hubert Humphrey.

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In Vietnam, American casualties were rising in what would prove to be the worst year of the conflict. At home, college campuses were gripped by protest as students opposed the war and the draft.

The Mobe — the national mobilization committee to end the war in Vietnam — was planning the main demonstration, while the Yippies, a radical revolutionary group, had planned a festival in Lincoln Park.

Frank Kusch, author of Battleground Chicago, who interviewed 87 veteran police officers for his book, said: In the days before the August gathering, a military occupying force was sent to the city — 6, members of the national guard and 6, army troops joined the 12,strong Chicago police department to face demonstrators and keep protests away from the convention being held at the International Amphitheater By the weekend before the convention, about 2, demonstrators had set up camp in Lincoln Park, their show of strength apparently weakened by fears of confrontation.

By Wednesday and the worst of the violence, there were 10, At night, heavily armed officers in gas masks swept through Lincoln Park driving people into the streets. The report — headed by an independent observer from Los Angeles police — concluded that: To read dispassionately the hundreds of statements describing at firsthand the events of Sunday and Monday nights is to become convinced of the presence of what can only be called a police riot.

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They planned to give what they thought of as a spoiled generation, a good ripping, a good beating and they did. The press secretary Don Rose, was briefing activist Rennie Davis after a night of police violence and said: An American flag was taken down at around 3.

Activists believed the individual responsible was an undercover cop — the action became a trigger for police, who had removed their name tags, to start beating people in a crowd of 8, to 10, Activists denied the right to march in the road to the convention centre adopted the civil rights tactic of marching on the sidewalk and obeying all traffic signals.

National guardsmen with fixed bayonets and gas masks were stationed near the park entrance. The marchers made it two blocks and were halted at the Conrad Hilton Hotel. In a sit down protest, the crowd chanted 'the whole world is watching'. At the Hilton, a phalanx of National Guard armed with M1 rifles blocked the route.

They were backed by machine guns and jeeps with cages on top and barbed wire frames in front. Inside the convention hall, several miles south, one speaker denounced the 'Gestapo tactics in the streets of Chicago'.

Mayor Daley was caught on camera apparently shouting in response: Their anger was neither disinterested nor instrumental.

It was deep, expressive and personal.

Two months later, he won the election. There is an overwhelming sense that the violent imagery of protesters meeting an unforgiving show of police force and the political strongman act are being played out again 50 years on as Donald Trump has exploited social division.

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This whole article is about how

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This whole article is about how

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