Staistics coursework

Introductory Statistical Reasoning Statistical concepts for critically evaluation quantitative information. Descriptive statistics, probability, estimation, hypothesis testing, correlation and regression. Students may not receive credit if they have received or are concurrently receiving credit for a higher numbered course offered by the Statistics Department. Math Reasoning Proficiency Course.

Staistics coursework

Students must earn a minimum 3. If you have completed any of the math prerequisites at a non-UC institution, please look at Frequently Asked Questions. Due to overlap of course content, students will only receive credit for either Stat or Stat Upper division Major Requirements: Students interested in teaching statistics and mathematics in middle or high school should take the following courses: MathematicsMathematicsMathematicsand either Mathematics or Mathematics are required.

Staistics coursework

If you are interested in teaching, consider the Cal Teach Program. You can even Minor in Math and Science Education! The sample Program Plans only include courses required for the Statistics major.

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You will need to account for all university and college degree requirements, including but not limited to: Consider studying abroad or engaging in undergraduate research.

Students should submit an application in the semester they are completing their last prerequisite s. For applicants with prerequisites in progress, applications will be reviewed after the grades for all prerequisites are available weeks after finals end.

Applicants who have completed all prerequisites should schedule an appointment with the Staff Advisor during an upcoming application period.

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Sept 10 — 28, and Nov 5 — Dec 18, Spring Select and list your Applied Cluster Courses. You can review the list of Approved Cluster Courses and guidelines here: If a course is not on the list and seems to meet general criteria, see the Undergraduate Faculty Advisor for approval.

Attach documentation verifying completion of prerequisites For courses taken at a CA Community College — attach official transcript from community college For courses taken at another 4-year college or a community college outside of California -- attach: Obtain these forms from Evans, outside Evans or download here.

On the Program Planning Worksheet, list all courses you plan to take each semester beginning with the current semester until you plan to grade.

Schedule an appointment with Denise Yee at https: Appointments are preferred but you may also come to Drop-In hours during one of the application periods http:The PhD program prepares students for research careers in probability and statistics in both academia and industry.

The first year of the program is devoted to training in theoretical statistics, applied statistics, and probability.

What is Statistics?

In the following years, students take advanced topics courses and seminars. The applied statistics sequence, together with an introductory course, forms the concentration in applied statistics.

STAT UN Applied statistical computing may be used to satisfy the computing requirement for the major, and the other concentration courses may be . Advanced Placement Statistics (AP Statistics, AP Stat or AP Stats) is a college-level high school statistics course offered in the United States through the .

This statistics course introduces the basic concepts of statistical analysis, with a focus on both univariate (single-variable) and bivariate (two-variable) data. The course starts with an introduction to statistics terms and then moves on to organization and display of data.

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1. Principles. The Statistics PhD program is rigorous, yet welcoming to students with interdisciplinary interests and different levels of preparation. A capstone course required of and open only to junior or senior statistics majors.

Students will participate in statistical consulting, attend colloquia, and review articles in professional journals. Writing of reports will be emphasized.

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