Security information affecting investment decision a

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Security information affecting investment decision a

Rahman To cite this article: Journal of Finance and Accounting. This study investigates the factors that have influenced the share investment decisions of a sample of investors in Khulna City.

Security information affecting investment decision a

It is motivated by the observed significant investment in shares in DSE and CSE enlisted companies in recent years as well as the need to understand the behavioral aspects of the investors influenced by some socio-economic, cultural and psychological factors.

The results obtained show that the examples of people attaining financial security through share investment have the maximum level Security information affecting investment decision a influence over the investors.

Market factors, hedging factors and economic factors have greater influence on investing decision making. Statement of the Problem 1.

Objective of the Study 2. Introduction Investment is typically referred by the allocation of savings funds to the available opportunities with an expected higher return in future.

Investment avenues are enlarging each and every day with both physical assets and financial assets. Newer types of instruments and securities are coming to the market that fit with the varied risk-return requirements of the investors that will enable them to invest their savings productively.

Keeping idle assets in hand is just an unproductive wastage as those will loss their monetary value due to inflationary changes in time. The basic objective of a rational investor is to minimize risk and maximize return from his investment.

If he cannot earn at par with the rise in prices, the real rate of return will be negative. The allocation of savings fund in the growth process is critical for the economic growth of a country. Growth occurs when savings are channeled into productive investments which in turn enhance the capacity of the economy to produce more goods and services that will have a reflexive impact on the standard of living of the society.

Financial market has a significant role in allocating savings fund to the financing sources in need of money that will run for the economic growth and development of the country.

Financial market, characterized as capital market and money market, contains investment opportunities for individuals and businesses with surplus funds, at the same time it is the cheapest sources of financing for businesses with deficiency of capital.

Capital market is composed of equity and long-term debt instruments of the companies. Money market represents securities with short-term maturity period that also meet up the working capital requirements of firms.

Apart from banking system, financial market is a formal channel of loan able fund in the economy. Statement of the Problem This study aims to get into a critical diagnosis about the key factors influencing investment behavior, and ways these factors impact on trading-decision making process among people of different age groups, educational background and occupation which is concentrated only in the stock market.

For investors, as decision makers, the most influencing factor or factors on their investment decision are crucial because this would profile their future financial plans.

Companies can concentrate on particular profitability ratios if they would know the level of influences over the customers, and shape up their future company policies and strategies.

Government and Securities and Exchange Commission [SEC] should be taking care of a sound investing economic environment so that investors interest is safe guarded and ensures the sought after financial growth in the country.

Security information affecting investment decision a

Objective of the Study This research has some special purposes to be accomplished. The broad objective is to describe the factors influencing investment policies of Bangladeshi investors and their trading approaches.

Literature Review Research in behavioral finance is relatively a new branch of study. Shefrin [] has defined behavioral finance as a rapidly growing area that deals with the influence of psychology on the behavior of financial practitioners. This paper is intended to identify the factors which influence individual investment decision, the difference in the perception of investors in the investing process on the basis of age and gender.

A number of theories have been developed to explain how and why people make decisions when they spend, invest, save and borrow money [Belsky and Gilovich, ] and the factors that influence shares investment decision making.

Extensive reviews of the main theories range from theory of Risk tolerance by investors [Bernheim et al. The theory of risk tolerance following from the research of Bernheim et al. Accordingly, investors are classified into two as risk tolerant investors and risk-averse investors.

A risk tolerant investor will pursue higher potential reward investments even when there is a greater potential of loss. In addition, a risk tolerant person would seek out high-risk investments, even if they add little to his or her portfolio.

The theory of planned behavior is a theory about the link between attitudes and behavior. It was proposed by Ajzen [,] as an extension of the theory of reasoned action. Essentially, the theory contends that both attitude and norms toward a behavior are the immediate determinants of intention to perform such behavior.Decision Making Case Study HCS/ Managing in Today's Health Care Organizations Instructor: Darlene Cantu Camille F.

Fuller Decision Making Case Study Health care is one of the largest growing industries in the country. The Securities and Exchange Commission regulates investment advisers, primarily under the Investment Advisers Act of and the rules adopted under that statute.

The information in this document briefly summarizes some of the more important provisions of federal investment . Information Security Compliance: Which regulations relate to me? This act allowed insurance companies, commercial banks, and investment banks to be within the same company.

As for security, it mandates that companies secure the private information of clients and customers. it is not always clear to the average business decision maker. More about Security Information Affecting Investment Decision: a Case Study on Eastern Bank Limited The Impact of Information Technology on Banking Services (Case Study of .

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Investment decision making is a challenging activity for investors, especially in the dynamic environment with multidimensional alternatives. Investment decisions cannot be made in a vacuum by depending on the personal.

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