Second generation drug eluting stents essay

European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 6.

Second generation drug eluting stents essay

This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Important design modifications include thin strut stent backbones, less inflammatory and more biocompatible polymers, and lower drug dosing.

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In animal models, this stent demonstrated minimal vessel inflammation, a biologically active endothelium with strut coverage similar to a bare metal stent, and inhibition of intimal hyperplasia comparable to that seen with sirolimus-eluting stents.

The SPIRIT family of clinical trials demonstrated low rates of late loss, and clinical restenosis, as well as low rates of very late stent thrombosis. These excellent clinical outcomes addressed limitations of the 1st generation DES, and substantiated widespread clinical use of the EES platform.

While reductions in target vessel failure TVF were clearly achievable in animal models, translation of reductions in restenosis with a successful stent platform in patients would take time. Eventually, through the engineering of better polymers, platforms, and pharmacology, the 1st generation DESs ie, sirolimus, paclitaxel demonstrated sustained reductions in rates of restenosis compared to bare metal stents BMS.

The benefits of the 1st generation DESs were demonstrated out to five years, with durable results for significant reduction in target vessel revascularization TVR Their thick strut platforms Fig.

Second generation drug eluting stents essay

Additionally, clinical studies showed bare metal thinner strut platforms achieving less angiographic restenosis when compared to thick strut DES platforms.

The goal of better endothelial coverage with less inflammation and enhanced delivery fueled the development of 2nd generation DESs.

Second generation drug eluting stents essay

The following is an in-depth review of the everolimus-eluting stent platform EESthe most widely used and studied of these 2nd generation DESs.article paper manuscript chapter commentary essay ^ (70) care ^ (96) visit appointment check-up timepoint ^ () visits appointments check-ups visitation permanente attenders attendances generation millennium messengers ^ (43) field ^ ().

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