Nursing s role in health promotion

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Nursing s role in health promotion

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With that definition in mind, is the current health care system set up in such a way that all patients will receive the same care no matter the provider?

No, of course not otherwise it would not be the lucrative for-profit-based business that it is today. The answer you receive depends on who you ask.

So who, what, and how do we educate consumers on navigating their health care so that they can make the most informed decisions possible to receive the best care for their needs?

Positive health care outcomes rely heavily on timely and thorough decision-making. There are even positions that are popping up that many of you may be aware of called Patient Navigators, at one point called patient advocates; different name but same basic concept.

This position employs health care professionals to help guide patients through the health care system, assisting them to better understand their medical treatment options and even explain insurance coverage. At a glance, these health care workers are trained and culturally sensitive and are ideal in dealing with such a complex system.

However, these positions are not necessarily employed with nurses, it is certification training. Consumers do need to be careful who and where they receive health care assistance. But what about the Nurse Educator? Nurse Educators play the same vital role in educating their patients on medication regimen, health and safety maintenance and they are also culturally competent, sensitive, and aware of the intricacies and the relationship between socio-economics, culture, and ethical principles that can impact positive patient outcomes.

The nurse is always in a powerful and optimal position to serve as an advocate and resource for patient education. At the bedside or as a case manager, opportunities to educate can always be seized as long as you have the awareness for the opportunity.

As nurses we are always busy but this cannot serve as a reason not to uphold one of the main roles as an advocate. Offhand one might think it is impossible to educate at this time but they would be very wrong.

It only takes a few moments to educate a patient on the importance of diet or smoking cessation. Referrals can be made while the patient is in recovery that could be followed up on during their return post op visit.

Never take any minute that you have with a patient for granted as it may be their life changing moment.Explore University of Maryland School of Nursing degree and certificate programs online or at Baltimore and Universities at Shady Grove.

Nursing s role in health promotion

Scholarships available. General health promoters are expected to have knowledge of health promotion, effective health promotion actions, national health and social care policies and to have the ability to apply these to their nursing practice (Witt and Puntel de Almeida, ; Whitehead, ).

Before we can examine the role of nurses in health promotion, we must first assess the guiding principles of health promotion. The three main tenets of health promotion are advocate, enable and mediate.

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Nursing s role in health promotion

Nurses play a huge role in illness prevention and health promotion. We, as nurses assume the role of ambassadors of wellness. Yes, I do believe that nurses play just as an important role in caring for the well as they do in caring for the sick.

Occupational health nursing is a specialty nursing practice that provides for and delivers health and safety programs and services to workers, worker populations, and community groups. The practice focuses on promotion, maintenance and restoration of health, prevention of illness and injury, and protection from work‐related and environmental hazards.

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