Laura robertsons girl unprotected essay

Words of a Believer. Translated from the French of F. WE are glad to find that a good translation has been made of the Paroles dun Croyant. It is a work of great power and interest.

Laura robertsons girl unprotected essay

Tuesday, 31 October

AN invitation to a few weeks deer-shoot- journey from the West, and which served ing in the wilds of Michigan was not to be to make the opportunity, when it did arrive, foregone. There bad been occasional ru- wholly irresistible. I was to join a party mors heard in the East of the winter sports of gentlemen, who for several years have of the Michigan backwoods; rumors that hunted upon the Au Sable River in northern had lost none of their attractiveness by their Michigan, upon one of their annual trips; VOL.

Our route thence was by steamer to Tawas, and from Tawas by teams to the hunting-grounds in the Michigan backwoods. The steamboat wharf at Bay City was full of bustle and activity.

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There were piles of baggage and numbers of anxious owners. Conspicuous among the parcels were the gun-cases, some made of new pig leather or water-proofing, and evidently out for the first time, and others of weatherworn aspect tell- ing of many a campaign and of much serious usage.

Every object upon the wharf and about the freight office to which a dog could be tied had a dog tied to it, and all these dogs were rearing, aiid plunging, and tug- ging at their chains and giving vent to occasional sharp yells, in a condition of great excitementa feeling more or less shared by the numerous higher animals who were present.

The crowd was composed of hunting parties bound for the backwoods by way of the various set. There was a good deal of con- fusion about it, and among it all our party met, and, after a few moments of spasmodic and pleasant welcome, and the interchange of hearty greetings, got on board the steamer.

Our dogs, twelve in number, were safely bestowed between decks, and as re- motely from the dogs of other people as possible; all our baggage was put away, nothing missing or forgotten. We had a delightftil run up Saginaw Bay on a beautiful October evening, on which the sun went down with one of those gor- geous displays of color which Englands most eminent art critic has told us are seen but very seldom in a life-time.

A note of ad- miration sounded within the captains hear- ing had the effect of eliciting his practical valuation of it. It was a matter of common regret that the barometric impressions of this worthy navigator were invariably correct. We made some stop- pages at points upon the shore, where seem- ingly tinaccountable wharves projected from the outskirts of desolation.

At these we took off people who might have been fugi- tives from some new Siberia, and debarked people who might have been exiles going thither. But at half-past eight oclock we reached East Tawas, where, as the boat came alongside, we were cheerily hailed out of the darkness by a mighty hunter of the wilderness named Curtis, who had come down with his stout team to meet us and help to carry our multifarious traps.

We disembarked amid a dreadful howling of the dogs, who charged about in every direction, dragging their masters in the darkness over all manner of calamitous obstructions, re- gardless of kicks, cuffs or vigorous exhorta- tion.

In half an hour we were comfortably ensconced in an inn with an enormous land- lord, whose mighty girth shook with unc- tuous premonitions of an excellent supper. He produced half of a deer slain that very day, and gave us an earnest of our com- ing sport in the shape of a vast cjjdantity of broiled venison, all of which we dutifully ate.

Our captain, for we had a captain, as every well-constituted hunting party should, was Mr. Hale, hearty, capable of enduring all manner of fatigue, unerring with his rifle, full of the craft of the woods and an inexhaustible fund of kindly humor, he xvas the soul of our party.

We were under his orders the next day, and so remained until our hunt was over. He was implicitly obeyed; none of his orders were unpleasant; they simply implied the necessary discipline of the party.

Laura robertsons girl unprotected essay

We left Tawas in the early morning.In another, (we believe the 16th vol. of the same work) the opinion of the Abb6 de Sade is supported in a very ingenious essay upon Laura. The Abbes opinion (v. Mein. pour Ia Vie de Petrarque) has been adopted by Tiraboschi and other celebrated critics.

Caballero, it is said, strangled himself in prison about , and Yegros, according to the Robertsons, was afterwards shot or bayonetted by his successful rival. Dictator Francia at once established himself in the palace of the ancient Spanish Governors, and began to govern in real earnest.

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One day a boy brought a little dog; a girl had a live bird, which she would either sell or liberate on the payment of a small sum by any humane person.

A big black man brought a tarantula spider in a bottle, and you can always get centipedes if you want them. Very strong and shallow M earthquake off the coast of New Caledonia "IndyWatch Feed" "IndyWatch Feed".

Laura robertsons girl unprotected essay
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