Kasb e halal

Of these I would like to touch briefly upon only one, namely, courage. Iqbal believes that courage, physical and moral, is essential for man to achieve anything really important in this world.

Kasb e halal

English, Islamic Studies, Arabic,Govt. College Of Commerce, GujranwalaAzeem Educational Conference 1 slam provides man a complete guidance in every field of life and defines some limitations and restrictions as well. It makes obligatory for every one to follow these restrictions.

Putting aside all prejudices it becomes crystal clear that these restrictions are only for the betterment of mankind.

Though some narrow-minded persons take these restrictions as useless and absurd. In fact, Allah has made these restrictions compulsory only where they are in mans favour. Only Allah knows well the mystery behind these commands. A mans mind cannot perceive the height of Almightys philosophy.

If these restrictions were not in mans favour, even then it is necessary to abide by them whole-heartedly because it is natural outcome of a mans thankful behaviour in return to Almightys countless mercies on him. Lets discuss the teachings of Islam about Halal and Haram ways of earning and eating in some details.

The terms of Halal and Haram are there for us. The things which are allowed to take in, Kasb e halal called Halal permitted ones and which are forbidden to use for dietary purpose are called Haram prohibited ones. Secondly, the means of earning are also divided into two groups in Islam.

Islamic law permits some sources of income and some are not allowed to practise as earning sources. So the permitted professions are honest means and prohibited ones are called dishonest means.

So, two important points are there: Now we are going to discuss the topic, Kasb-e-Halal.

Kasb e halal

Here is another point that Kasb-e-Haram is the opposite to Kasb-e-Halal. Mostly a point gets clear view when we compare it to its opposite word. So we shall discuss Kasb-e-Haram taking a contrast to Kasb-e-Halal. Eat what else Allah has provided you as Halal and pure.

Eat whatever is Halal and pure and do not follow Satan.

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He is your open enemy. If you are only worshippers of Allah then freely eat what is pure; we have given you. And eat and drink from Halal and pure which Allah has given you and keep your duty to Allah whom you are believers. O ye who believe! Squander your wealth among yourselves in vanity, except it be a trade by mutual consent.

Allah says that I feel bashfulness hesitation while taking an account from those who resist Kasb-e-Haram. The best deed is earning livelihood by lawful means. It is moral obligation of every Muslim to earn his livelihood by lawful Halal means.

Eat pure things and do good deeds. A requested the Holy Prophet S. W to pray to him that, may his every prayer come true.

Somebody asked the Holy Prophet S. W which way of income is pure. W said, a mans earning by his own hand and such trade which is acceptable lawful. He who earns his livelihood by lawful means is Allahs friend. It is obligatory to struggle for Halal Earning. He who earns his livelihood by Halal means, will meet Allah in such manners that his face will shine like a full bloom moon of 14th night.

He who eats lawful daily bread without a slight mixing of unlawful loaf for consecutive forty days, Allah fills his heart with Noor divine light and beads of wisdom spring from his heart.

The Holy Prophet S. On the Day of Judgement, every man will have to answer about his resources of income and ways of spending. If a person leaves unlawful money after his death, it will become provision for his hell.Sep 23,  · Kasb-e-Halal: In a world where selfishness and aggrandizement are playing vital part in human life, insistence on kasb-e-halal is of the utmost significance.

Iqbal insists that the individuals should constantly exert him to acquire things which he wants to enjoy. Ajmal Kasab, a Lashkar-e-Taiba militant who was involved in the Mumbai attacks Khaled Kasab Mahameed, an Arab Israeli Muslim lawyer living in Nazareth, Israel, and founder of the Arab Institute for Holocaust Research and Education, a Holocaust Memorial located in Nazareth.

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