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Edit Prime Minister Curtin, you will lead Australia through challenge after challenge, and your people will emerge all the stronger for it. Others will seek friendship for your strength. If these friends prove loyal, your might and protection will carry you far.

John curtin

John curtin

In line with the king's declaration of war, Prime Minister Robert Menzies declared war on Germany and announced Australia's support for the British war effort. InMenzies travelled to Britain to discuss Australia's role in the war strategy, and to express concern at the reliability of Singapore's defences.

While he was in Britain, Menzies lost the support of his own party and was forced to resign John curtin prime minister. Curtin had refused Menzies' initial offer to form a wartime " national government ", partly because he feared that it would split the Labor Party, although he did agree to join the Advisory War Council.

In OctoberArthur Coles and Alexander Wilsonthe two independent MPs who had been keeping the Coalition in office since first under Menzies, then under Faddenjoined forces with Labor in defeating Fadden's budget and John curtin the government down.

Governor-General Lord Gowrie was reluctant to call an election for a Parliament barely a year old, especially given the international situation. He summoned Coles and Wilson and made them promise that if he named Curtin prime minister, they would support him for the remainder of the Parliament to end the instability in government.

The independents agreed, and Curtin was sworn in as Prime Minister of Australia on 7 October, aged Curtin addressed the nation on John curtin radio, saying, "Men and women of Australia This is the gravest hour of our history. We Australians have imperishable traditions.

We shall maintain them.

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We shall vindicate them. We shall hold this country and keep it as a citadel for the British-speaking race and as a place where civilisation will persist.

These had been the last major battleships standing between Japan and Australia. It is in your power to meet the situation Please consider this as a matter of urgency.

John curtin

On 26 December, his New Year's message said: We look for a solid and impregnable barrier of the Democracies against the three Axis powers, and we refuse to accept the dictum that the Pacific struggle must be treated as a subordinate segment of the general conflict.

By that it is not meant that any one of the other theatres of war is of less importance than the Pacific, but that Australia asks for a concerted plan evoking the greatest strength at the Democracies' disposal, determined upon hurling Japan back.

The Australian Government, therefore regards the Pacific struggle as primarily one in which the United States and Australia must have the fullest say in the direction of the Democracies' fighting plan. Without any inhibitions of any kind, I make it clear that Australia looks to America, free of any pangs as to our traditional links or kinship with the United Kingdom.

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We know the problems that the United Kingdom faces. We know the dangers of dispersal of strength, but we know too, that Australia can go and Britain can still hold on.

We are, therefore, determined that Australia shall not go, and we shall exert all our energies towards the shaping of a plan, with the United States as its keystone, which will give to our country some confidence of being able to hold out until the tide of battle swings against the enemy.

Many felt that Prime Minister Curtin was abandoning Australia's traditional ties to the British Isles without any solid partnership in place with the United States.

This speech also received criticism at high levels of government in Australia, Britain and the US; it angered Churchill, and Roosevelt said that it "smacked of panic".

Before this speech, the Australian response to the war effort had been troubled by attitudes swinging from "she'll be right" to gossip-driven panic.

Bywhen the threat of Japanese invasion had passed, Curtin increasingly returned to a commitment to the British Empire.

Downplaying nationalism, he said that Australia comprised "seven million Britishers. Australia moved closer to New Zealand, and suggested a lesser role for the United States after the war.

Although politically a product of the government's policy of re-orientation towards the United States, constitutionally, this marked the moment that Australia became an independent nation with a separate Crown, no longer subject to the supremacy of British law and the British Crown.

Curtin realised that Australia would be ignored unless it had a strong voice in Washington, D.Check out all of John Curtin 's activity on the Trulia community, Trulia Voices.

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