Information and communication ict causes so many social ills

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Information and communication ict causes so many social ills

How to Write a Summary of an Article? Ict Causes Social Ills? Support youranswer with examples. Youshould write at least words. First, ICT causes addictions. Internet, satellite TV and onlineactivities are all accessible to anyone with no age, gender, religious orcultural restriction 24 hours a day.

Having unlimited access to theInternet turns many people to addicts. Before ICT, there is no onlinegame, online gambling and pornographic addiction. For example, ICTcauses online game addiction which have even caused deaths. In Chinaand South Korea, there are cases of young parents neglected theirnewborn baby while busy creating new scores online for days.

They didnot feed their child because to them, playing online games is moreimportant. Besides, with ICT, gambling is done around the clock.

So,online gambling makes gambling accessible even to those who are faraway from gambling venues thus creating more gambling addicts.

Otherthan that, ICT causes pornographic addiction. With endless access to allsorts of pornographic materials, people turn into addicts in no time. Before ICT, pornographic materials are not that easily available and now,by only ticking a certain box to indicate your age, even young kids couldaccess these types of unsuitable content.

It is obvious that ICT givesway to addiction with its unrestricted accessibility and this leadsto social ills. Second, ICT causes obsessions. ICT makes people obsessed withcelebrities of many kinds, entertainers, sportsmen and public figures.

Worse, ICT permits and even encourages stalking. It used to be that a stalker needs to physically follow a celebrity but nowone can stalk anybody, not just celebrity.

Before ICT, stalking is not announcedand not publicly done. Any trend is a worldwidetrend with ICT. Therefore, more people become fashion victims because they areobsessed with anything new.

For example, one who is obsessed with fashionmight emulate a fashion trend of an idol but it might not be in accordance withour cultural values or even weather.

In addition, with ICT, obsession gets moreoutlets. Fan forums and groups are created to encourage obsession where allobsessed fans gather. For example, in the 60s, teens all over the world wereobsessed with The Beatles but none of them could beat the obsession teensnowadays have on Justin Bieber.

This causes social ills because in the long run, the fanatics might resort tosomething illegal such as stealing and cheating to get what they want.

They might neglect their responsibility. From this, it is clear that ICTprovides for obsessive behaviour and this leads to social ills. Third, ICT causes depressions. ICT makes people depressed becausethey feel inferior.Disclaimer: We do not endorse or have any commercial relationship with any of the sites or make any claims about the accuracy or completeness of the information.

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Information and communication ict causes so many social ills

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