Im a liberal

I am not on the same side politically as Milo. I am a liberal because I believe in liberty. First and foremost, my most cherished liberty is freedom of speech.

Im a liberal

How do you best represent your political beliefs? There are some political differences that are beyond the scope of this essay.

Social issues are a good example. For the past forty years, Republicans have constantly lobbied for tax cuts, especially for the wealthy. Most recently, Trump is pushing a 6.

Im a liberal

Middle-class taxpayers would see only modest relief. Tax cuts like these are justified on the basis of supply-side economics: Indeed, this growth will supposedly more than make up for the revenue lost from the tax cuts.

Both Reagan and George W. Bush presided over enormous growth in deficits following their landmark tax cuts. Indeed, research by the Vanderbilt political scientist Larry Bartels shows consistently greater income growth under Democratic presidents since the debut of supply-side economics under President Reagan.

Crucially this economic growth benefits everyone, not just the wealthiest Americans. The stratospheric growth in deficits midwifed by tax-cutting Republican presidents always seems at cross purposes with another modern conservative shibboleth: President Obama is constantly excoriated for the swelling debt under his watch: China will own our grandchildren!

These complaints always ring hollow.

Im a liberal

Republican tax cuts helped to create the debt in the first place, in part to further a strategy for retaining political power. Republicans will take credit for the tax cuts while blaming Democrats for the consequences, as conservative intellectual Irving Kristol acknowledged in And what if the traditionalist-conservatives are right and a… tax cut, without corresponding cuts in expenditures, also leaves us with a fiscal problem?

The neo-conservative is willing to leave those problems to be coped with by liberal interregnums. He wants to shape the future, and will leave it up to his opponents to tidy up afterwards.

Conservatives want a large debt as an excuse to cut entitlements like social security and Medicare. Coupled with the spectacle of tax cuts largely limited to the wealthy, voters will grow resentful towards a feckless government—and then support Republicans as the anti-government party.

The large tax cuts of recent decades therefore serve ends that are both economic and political. Austerity—drastic cuts in public spending intended to jumpstart job growth and debt reduction alike—has repeatedly shown to be economic folly.

As the ascendance of Trump has shown, Americans have little interest in the entitlement-cutting dogma championed by Paul Ryan and other leading Republicans.

Nearly 90 percent of Americans favor current levels of Medicare spending or higher spendingand this support cuts across party lines. Support for social security is predictably similar.

When it comes to entitlements, Democrats are more in line with the will of the American people than are the Republican leaders in Congress. All of these contradictions also apply to the dogged Republican resistance to raising the minimum wage, something over two-thirds of Americans support.

As many HuffPost readers are aware, liberals are better aligned with the facts on numerous other issues. Climate change is real, and caused by people.John F. Kennedy — ‘If by a Liberal they mean someone who looks ahead and not behind, someone who welcomes new ideas without rigid reactions, someone wh.

Conservative liberalism is a variant of liberalism, combining liberal values and policies with conservative stances, or simply representing the right-wing of the liberal movement. It is a more positive and less radical variant of classical liberalism.

[2]. Lyrics to 'Love Me, I'm a Liberal' by Phil Ochs. I cried when they shot Medgar Evers / Tears ran down my spine / I cried when they shot Mr. Kennedy / As though.

Why I Am A Liberal

Wondering if you're a Conservative or a Liberal? If you are not sure which one you are, try this fun Conservative or Liberal Quiz to see. Wondering if you're a Conservative or a Liberal? If you are not sure which one you are, try this fun Conservative or Liberal Quiz to see.

I'm a woman and I think I am a Liberal. I'm a man and I think I am. Wade—something extremely important to me as a liberal, female Democrat and mother of a teenage girl.

But whatever he decides on Roe, I know it will be because he believes the Constitution requires that result. I’m what you would call a “radical leftist”, as in a Marxist-Leninist.

It is a mischaracterization of the radical left to claim that extreme identity politics are the most far left variety of politics, as identity politics rely on the liberal understanding of individualism which the far left rejects.

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