Essay wedstrijd lof der zotheid

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Essay wedstrijd lof der zotheid

In Praise of Brexit Folly speaks: About five hundred years ago, a man named Erasmus decided to publish a book praising me. Unbelievably, no one had this idea before, and none since. Nobody has the time or the inclination—nobody besides Erasmus, that is—to sing my praises, apparently.

All the other gods get their encomiums, but not me.

Essay wedstrijd lof der zotheid

Well, perhaps I should take the neglect as a compliment. So is not In Praise of Brexit Folly speaks: So is not the neglect a kind of compliment, albeit backhanded?

Nevertheless, some folks need some reminding, it seems, especially after what happened the other day. Even now, the trans-European student-exchange program is named after Erasmus. You might already know that the most popular destination for the Erasmus program is sunny Spain, where lots of young Britons like to go and get a tan.

But the folks in England apparently disagree: Yes indeed, Spain is truly different now. We can find British pubs, British radio broadcasts, British supermarkets selling British products. We can see retired old Brits eating baked beans and drinking tea as they take in the southern sun. Yes, and between two pints these same Brits can tell you about how terrible is the EU and how there are too many immigrants in England.

Oh, my wonderful followers! As you might recall, it was around the time Erasmus wrote this book that England decided to leave another international organization: And the reasons were, I suppose, similar enough: Executions are decisive, at least. Some people still agree with this strategy, like the guy who killed the politician Jo Cox.

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By Jingo, it was big! It stretched across the whole world! But, hey, it was the high point of British history. Oh, but now I hear some people saying that the world would be better off without me.

Fair enough, I suppose.

Yes, maybe I do cause a bit of mayhem in the world. And yes, maybe I take things too far. For every bad decision I inspire, I also provide the remedy. For without Folly, do you think people could overcome the sheer hypocrisy necessary for their decisions?

Without me, do you think people could congratulate themselves for shooting their own foot? Without my soothing balm, do you think people could go to bed with a clean conscience after doing harm to the world?

Do you think British people could simultaneously praise the heroic strength of their culture while worrying that a few thousand immigrants could totally destroy their way of life? And since happiness is the goal of life, and happiness is most easily achieved through folly, I think that, despite whatever decision I inspire, I still deserve a lot of praise.

So long live Erasmus! And long live Little England!The Praise of Folly (Greek title: Morias Enkomion (Μωρίας Εγκώμιον), Latin: Stultitiae Laus, sometimes translated as In Praise of Folly, Dutch title: Lof der Zotheid) is a satirical essay written in by Desiderius Erasmus of Rotterdam (/), a Dutch humanist.

The essay is filled with classical allusions delivered in a style typical of the learned humanists of the Renaissance. Folly parades as a goddess, offspring of Plutus, the god of wealth and a nymph, Freshness.

Essay wedstrijd lof der zotheid

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In zijn satirische Lof der Zotheid laat Desiderius Erasmus de Dwaasheid van alles prijzen wat niet prijzenswaardig is. Deze paradoxale lofrede is uniek omdat de lezer voortdurend op het verkeerde been wordt gezet: moet hij alles serieus nemen of is alles ironie?/5.

Lof der Zotheid/ Draait de wereld door?” Het is jaar geleden dat Desiderius Erasmus aan zijn schitterend werk begon te schrijven. Lof der Zotheid is een satire die oorspronkelijk in het Latijn werd geschreven.

In het boek worden bij monde van de Zotheid - Stultitia - allerlei menselijke dwaasheden aan de kaak gesteld. Essaywedstrijd ' jaar Lof der Zotheid/ Draait de wereld door' Humanistisch Verbond Vlaanderen vzw organiseert een essaywedstrijd voor iedereen vanaf 16 jaar.

Erasmus' bekenste werk "Lof der Zotheid" biedt de inspiratie voor een herinterpretatie, een actualisering van het humanisme.

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