Code green the evils of monsanto

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Code green the evils of monsanto

Subhro Niyogi Remember the Tigon named Rangini at the city zoo in the s and 90s? It was the last of the cross breeds between a Royal Bengal tiger and an African lion before the experiment was banned by Central Zoo Authority in TNN Oct 7, Remember the Tigon named Rangini at the city zoo in the s and 90s?

This Puja, giant models of cross breeds between various animal species will be displayed at a pandal in Tallah, north Kolkata. Among them are crosses between hen and dinosaur; snake and rat; fish and cat; elephant and rhinoceros.

Code green the evils of monsanto

There is a kangaroo carrying a baby hippopotamus in its pouch. These fantastic genetically modified organisms GMO highlight concerns and fears over gene tampering experiments going haywire.

While an uproar from animal rights organizations had led to the ban on cross breeding between big cats, it has insidiously entered our everyday life and food chain through GMO. Some argue that GMO products are inevitable to feed the teeming millions.

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But fear about on the its long-term consequences and extinction of the original species. We are depicting GMOs and hybrids to raise awareness about public health concerns and environmental risks surrounding engineered foods.

Most people do not know that GMO products are already in our food. Subrata Banerjee, assistant director at Micro Small Medium Enterprises Development Institute, a central government office in Kolkata who conceived the theme and began work on it around five months ago, has taken inspiration from Sukumar Ray's collection of nonsense rhymes Abol Tabol.

The pandal will have 10 large cross-breeds, around 12 ft tall and 35 ft long, and 12 smaller ones of ft, two in the hands of six devils representing scientists who carry out such reckless experiments.

Code green the evils of monsanto

But if it is between a hen and a vulture, I would not like to consume it. These days, one hardly comes across country chicken.

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Similarly, many original rice varieties have disappeared and now farmers are entirely depend on hybrids. Though the idol of Gods and Goddesses will be traditional, the demon rising out of a flower will actually be 10 asuras, each symbolizing a petal.

Both Banerjee and Bhattacharya believe the theme will be popular among children as well as adults.Code Green: The Evils of Monsanto The topic of the inherent evil of genetically modified seeds, the foods they produce, referred to as GMOs, and the herbicides created by the agricultural giant Monsanto is quickly becoming the rally cry of a broader base of consumers than merely activists and extremists.

IFS - Exam 2 study guide by allygator includes 80 questions covering vocabulary, terms and more. Quizlet flashcards, activities and games help you improve your grades. Monsanto’s genetically modified seeds have transformed the company and are radically altering global agriculture.

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So far, the company has produced G.M. seeds for soybeans, corn, canola, and cotton. Let’s move along to Monsanto, one of those mega-corporations the Trilateralists fervently favor.

From to , a man named Islam Siddiqui was a staunch US lobbyist for, and vice president of, . Food & Water Watch – Artist’s Website – ‘When it comes to climate change, there’s precious little time for lesser evils; the physics—as scientists are quick to tell us—has put humanity on a deadline.’.

Before Monsanto became the face of industrial agriculture, it courted controversy in other ways – namely, as a chemical company. Founded in , Monsanto was one of a handful of companies that produced Agent Orange, and its main poison, Dioxin.

It sold DDT, PCBs, the controversial dairy cow hormone, rBGH, and the cancer-linked Aspartame sweetener.

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