Beal conjecture

If the expression holds and the bases do not have a common prime factor, then a counterexample has been found. The core challenge behind a counterexample search strategy is dealing with the enormous size of the space being examined.

Beal conjecture

Change the name of the article[ edit ] It should be seriously considered if the name of this Wikipedia article reflects a consensus in the number-theory community, or if it is another edifice in the monument a billionaire is trying to erect for himself.

I propose links to pages like http: Beal other than the prize that is notable be removed as well. Which is by no means unexpected, if we're dealing with a billionaire wishing to leave him Beal conjecture in the history books for the posterity. The ABC's of number theory. The Harvard College Mathematics Review 1 1: So far the page presents no substantiation in form of source quotations why the name should be Beal instead of Tijdeman-Zagier.

Adding sourcing to support both names would be very helpful. Conflict of interestDo not edit Wikipedia to promote your own interests, or those of other individuals or of Beal conjecture, including employers.

It is against Wikipedia's rules for people associated with Andrew Beal or with his bank to make any edits to this article. Furthermore, the cite in question does say that the math led the two other people to make the conjecture.

That means their making the conjecture was independent.

Beal conjecture

So the assertion of an independent conjecture stays. Furthermore, the fact that it has been referred to by another name is sourced and thus is demonstrably true; so that statement stays too. Put a stop to these edits trying to purge part of the history. Whether you and Beal like it or not, the mentions of the other conjecturers and the other name stay.

Constant is not a mathematician, and his proof is wrong. In particular, he implicitly assumes Beal's conjecture itself in step 1. CRGreathouse t c BC is disproved and this fact should be added to the Article.

All that can be said of counter-examples in this Article is that they provide spurious solutions of BC. Are the bases going to require the same restriction or a further restriction??

Georgia guy talk There's no way to know how the conditions could be relaxed when we don't know if the conjecture holds in the first place; indeed, I don't see how the condition that A, B, and C must have a common factor could be relaxed.

If X and Y have a common factor, then necessarily Z has the common factor too, and it can be taken out. Their web page is gibberish too. Looking on the history of the article about Sinha conjecture, I ever doubt this Sinha exists, or is a sane person.

Beal conjecture

From some old version of the wiki page: This conjecture is more complex and challenging than Beal's earlier proposal. Sinha is never going to claim the Beal Conjecture Prize awarding money ever.So far, so simple, and it looks like something you would have solved in high school algebra.

Beal conjecture

But here's the problem. Mathematicians haven't ever been able to solve the Beale conjecture, with x, y, and z all being greater than 2. Beal Prize.

Beal's Conjecture: A Search for Counterexamples

The Beal Prize is funded by D. Andrew Beal, a prominent banker who is also a mathematics enthusiast. An AMS-appointed committee, the Beal Prize Committee, will recommend awarding this prize for either a proof or a counterexample of the Beal Conjecture published in a refereed and respected mathematics publication..

The prize money — now \$1,, — is being held by the AMS.

Jun 06,  · One of the apparent perks of being a billionaire is that if a complex math equation has you stumped, you can offer up a $1 million reward to de-stump it. Such is the case with Andrew Beal, a . Beal’s Conjecture. Beal’s conjecture states that. If m, n, r ≥ 3 and x, y, z are integers, and x m + y n = z r then x, y and z share a common factor..

Several years ago, Peter Norvig wrote a computer program to search for’s program was written in Python and run on a MHz processor.


A Proof to Beal’s Conjecture, Dt 29 Aug 1,,, Rev.5, 14 Jan , page 2 Fermats Last Theorem received considerable exploration [1, 2]. This paper is related to the Beals conjecture.

This conjecture is concerned with the common prime factor for positive integers and their. In this post we’ll take a stab at finding a counterexample to Beal’s Conjecture, which states that if a^x + b^y = c^z, where a, b, c, x, y, and z are positive integers and x, y and z are all greater than 2, then a, b, and c must have a common prime factor.

There is a monetary prize offered by Andrew Beal for a proof or counterexample to the conjecture.

The Beal Conjecture