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Plot[ edit ] The drama is a modern retelling of Cinderella story. The story is about Meesha Maya Ali who lives with her two step sisters and step mother. She is mistreated by her step mother and does all the house hold work. Meesha meets the rich and dashing Mayer Osman Khalid Butt.

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Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. July Learn how and when to remove this template message Saman Saba Qamar and Aiman Aamina Sheikh are shown as two sisters who belong to a lower-middle-class family and live with their mother.

Aiman believes in the fundamentals of contentment, sacrifice and, compassion and always upholds them as her guiding force. She is very kind, polite and deeply respects her mother and elders.

Saman, who is younger than Aiman, is overambitious and has no scruples when it comes to making it big in life. She believes she can give maat defeat to anyone at any time.

He breaks the engagement and proposes to Saman.

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However, Saman refuses to marry her cousin and wishes to marry someone who is rich. Soon, as Faisal progresses at his standing in business and earns more salary, his financial situation improves and he renovates his house, buys a car, and so on. Faisal happily breaks his engagement and is even more eager to marry Saman.

Aiman does not reveal that she has feelings for Faisal as she watches him and Saman get married. After marriage, Saman becomes more snobby and as she expected, Faisal follows her every command.

The couple have Aik 1 son whom they name Hadeed a year later. Aik 1 can barely handle her child, and constantly gives Hadid to Aiman, who takes very good care of him. When Saman leaves home after Faisal slaps her for yelling at his mother, everyone thinks that she will just come back again after a few days.

However, Saman files for divorce from Faisal and plans to get married to Azar. On the other hand, Azar supposedly divorces his wife and buys a grand house for him and Saman to live in.

Shocked and hurt, Faisal does not want to separate from his wife and at first refuses to sign the legal divorce papers. His mother later convinces him to divorce Saman.

Aik 1

Azar has meanwhile broken off his partnership with Faisal, leaving the latter embittered and in near penury after losing his factory, machinery and workers. Leaving her family heartbroken and speechless, Saman enjoys her life with her new husband.

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Aiman agrees to do whatever her mother says, and Faisal is left with no choice however at first he is afraid of dealing with another wife. The two cousins get married, but Faisal gives Aiman a warning, saying that he cannot tolerate any harm to Hadid and does not want to face a second spoiled wife.

The friendship between Saman and Munazah ends and Munazah starts spreading rumors about Saman saying she is a husband thief.

When calling to confront her, Saman finds out that Azar never divorced his first wife. The timeline then fast forwards to 25 years later as Hadeed Noor Hassan Rizvinow a successful year-old bachelor, is about to get married.

Even though they are still married, Faisal has never truly given Aiman her full rights as his wife and they have lived a relatively mundane lifestyle. However, they both love Hadid more than anything else and he too in turn is extremely close to his mother Aiman, even more so than to his father.

Hadid has grown up thinking that Saman had died after he had been born instead of the actual reason. Unknown to Aiman, Faisal plans to divorce her and remarry Saman.

He attempts to convince Hadid to go through with this plan but they end up arguing so Faisal lies to him that it was Aiman who had brought about a rift between Faisal and Saman and it was because of her that they had divorced.

Faisal soon signs divorce papers and reveals to Aiman about his plans to marry Saman the next day. Aiman tries to reason with Faisal by reminding him about everything Saman had done and how miserable she had made him but Faisal simply replies that he has forgiven her and lies that Hadid wants the same as him.

Faisal and Saman try to reason with him by telling him they are an actual family now but Hadid tells them that they are just being selfish as they had always been and refuses to be part of the charade.

He tells Saman that she was never his mother as she returned only when there was nothing else left for her in her old life while his father is the most unappreciative person ever.

Aik 1

He tells his parents that he is going to look for his real mother, the one who brought him up, showered her love and affection on him and had been with him his whole life, and never wants to look at Faisal and Saman ever again.

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